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Declaration of Value (DoV)

DoV is a document that describes the nature (full/part time), duration, authenticity, etc., of applicant's academic degree. The requisite documents and procedure to obtain DoV are as follows:
  1. The following documents^ are required to obtain DoV:
    1. Request form for DoV.
    2. Authenticated and apostilled degree(s) - in original.
      • For Master's Course: The degree certificate of UG/first-level degree.
      • For PhD's Course: The degree certificates of both UG/first-level and PG/second-level degree.
      • If the original degree certificate has not been yet awarded then one can get the permission from your university and can process the Provisional certificate for DoV.
    3. Authenticated and apostilled mark sheet/transcript if required by the Italian University - in original.
    4. Italian translation of the degree/mark-sheet - in original.
    5. Photocopy of the originals (degree/mark-sheet - both front and back).
    6. Photocopy of the original mark-sheet (even if not required by the Italian university as support document).
    7. Invitation/acceptance letter from the Italian University.
    8. Photocopy of the passport (main pages).
    9. Cover letter.
  2. The procedure:
    1. For some regions, a verification procedure is mandatory. In such cases, initiate this process at a nearby authorized center (generally, an office of VFS Global) before starting the legalization process. It might take around 15 working days to get confirmation from VFS, if it was successful.
    2. Get your documents Authenticated from the Regional Authentication Centre (Department of Education) of your university.
      • PS: If degrees (Bachelor & Master) are obtained from different universities, where each university falls under different Department of Education then separate authentication is required from the respective Department of Education.
    3. After authentication of the degrees, an Apostille should be obtained from the Ministry of Foreign/External Affairs.
    4. The Authenticated and Apostilled documents should be translated into Italian. Always refer to a translator who is registered/identified by the Embassy/Consulate of Italy.
    5. Apply for DoV either in Italian Embassy/Consulate or through VFS.
^ Information for North-Indian students. Such students can find a detailed information here. One can find the same for their country/region as well.

Visa Information

The visa process is very simple. You need to apply for visa at the Embassy/Consulate office of ITALY in your country, or if possible you can also apply through an office of VFS Global in your region. For obtaining student visa following documents^ are required:
  1. Duly filled visa applicaiton form^
  2. Passport
  3. Passport size photos (only matte-finish photo, with preferred specification^)
  4. Admission letter*
  5. Scholarship letter*
  6. Pre-enrollment procedure
  7. Declaration of Value (procedure explained above)
  8. Accommodation proof**
  9. Travel health insurance
  10. Travel tickets (one-way for long-term study, otherwise round trip)
  11. Cover letter
^ Information for North-Indian students. Such students can find a detailed information here. One can find the same for their country/region as well.
* Ask your college/university through university co-coordinator or International affairs office, preferably in both languages (English & Italian).
** In case one's scholarship does not cover accommodation or applicant has not won a scholarship then make necessary arrangements.

Practical Information

To understand student's lifestyle in Italy, Politecnico di Torino's website provide all the required practical information, such as:
  1. Accommodation
  2. Immigration requirements
  3. Fiscal code
  4. Health insurance
  5. Cost of living
  6. Canteens
  7. Tutoring
  8. Campus Facilities
  9. Sport Facilities